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Fig. 3

From: Evolution of the Tim17 protein family

Fig. 3

Characteristics and cellular distribution of Tim17 protein family members. a The Tim17 family proteins were analysed for the presence of the transmembrane domains (gray rectangles) and additional protein domains (blue rectangles) as described in Methods. SAM-sterile alpha motif, CC-coiled coil domain. b Mitochondrial inner membranes contain Tim17, Tim22, Tim23 and Mgr2, which participate in the import and the membrane assembly of the mitochondrial proteins. Human orthologue of Mgr2, Romo1 has been linked to production of reactive oxygen species. TIMMDC1 and NDUFA11/Nuo21.3 /B14.7 assist in the assembly of mitochondrial complex I. Plastidial HP30 and HP20 participate in import of inner membrane proteins via the inner and the outer membranes, respectively. Oep16 is the outer membrane channel for amino acids, which also contributes to plastidial protein import. The function of peroxisomal proteins PMP24 and Tmem135/PMP52 remains unknown

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