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Fig. 2

From: Evolution of the Tim17 protein family

Fig. 2

Comparison of different groups of Tim17 family proteins. Aligned HMM logos of particular groups of Tim17 family proteins show the overall similarity and diversity of the protein family. The yellow cylinders depict the hydrophobic transmembrane regions, while the gray bar highlight the coiled-coil domain in T17lp1 proteins. The following reference sequences can be used for particular logos: Tim17 - Q99595 (residues 1–171), Tim22 - Q9Y584 (residues 61–194), Tim23-O14925 (residues 64–209), TIMMDC1 - Q9NPL8 (residues 61–271), NDUFA11 - Q86Y39 (residues 6–141), Oep16 - Q9ZV24 (residues 17–148), T17lp1- U9W558 (residues 41–226), Romo1 - P60602 (residues 7–79), Pmp24 - Q9Y6I8 (residues 17–207) and Tmp135 Q86UB9 - N- part (residues 10–200) and C- part - (residues 242–433)

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