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Fig. 1

From: Unexpected links reflect the noise in networks

Fig. 1

Sign of correlations corresponds to the direction of change in regulatory networks. a Percentage of positive and negative correlations for pairs of up-regulated (up) and down-regulated (down) genes observed in the network from Mine et al., 2013; b number of positive and negative correlations between pairs of target and regulator genes in relation to their up- or down- regulation in cervical cancer data; c examples of regulatory (left panels) and erroneous (right panels) connections between genes X and Y; d possible combinations of gene regulations and correlations with the interpretation of connection; e percentage of expected and unexpected connections between LAMP3 and other differential expressed genes in cervical cancer corresponding to genes regulated after knockdown of LAMP3 in four datasets: Beiwenga (GSE7410), Pyeon (GSE6791), Zhai (GSE7803), Scotto (GDS3233)

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