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Fig. 7

From: Long range personalized cancer treatment strategies incorporating evolutionary dynamics

Fig. 7

Treatment sequences for example cases with a significant outcome difference based on strategy horizon. Left: single-step vs. multi-step strategy 1 for 2 drugs. Middle: multi-step strategy 2.2 vs. global optimization for 2 drugs. Right: multi-step strategy 2.2 vs. global optimization for 3 drugs. In each example, the dosage sequences and population dynamics of two strategies are demonstrated in the top and bottom rows. Horizontal axes denote time, and vertical axes denote the population size in log scale. The dosage combination in each period is displayed by color bars on the top. The height of each color bar is proportional to the dosage of each drug. Blue: drug 1, green: drug 2, yellow: drug 3. The temporal response of each subpopulation size is displayed as a curve according to the legends by each figure

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