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Fig. 7

From: modPDZpep: a web resource for structure based analysis of human PDZ-mediated interaction networks

Fig. 7

Snapshots depicting utility of modPDZpep in identifying novel direct physical interactions mediated by PDZ domains in Protein-Protein interaction networks available in STRING database. XXXXXFETLV and VTYWLFSTWL were two peptides found to be interacting with first PDZ domains of DLG1 and ZO1 respectively according to phage display data. When the last five residues of these peptides were searched in human C-terminal proteome, both peptides got two hits with one residue mismatch. In case of DLG1_PDZ1, out of the two interaction partners predicted by PDmapper module of modPDZpep, ARHG8 (NET1) is the known interactor present (link indicated by P) in STRING database, but RHG06 (ARHGAP6) which did not have a direct link with DLG1 in STRING is predicted as a new interaction partner of DLG1_PDZ1. Similarly, in case of ZO1 PDZ1 in addition to the known interaction WWTR1, YAP1 is predicted as a new PDZ mediated interaction partner

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