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Fig. 4

From: modPDZpep: a web resource for structure based analysis of human PDZ-mediated interaction networks

Fig. 4

a ROC-curve for predictions of binder and non-binder peptides for MUPP1_1 PDZ domain is shown in upper panel with AUC (area under curve) value of 0.953 and lower panel shows PR-curve for same domain with AUC value of 0.997. b Performance of modPDZpep for prediction of binder and non-binder peptides for 43 human PDZ domains estimated using AUC values of ROC and PR curves. ROC and PR-AUC values for all 43 PDZ domains are present in Table 1. c Typical example (GRIP2_2 PDZ) of improvement in performance upon using atomistically detailed MM-PBSA approach for scoring of binding energy

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