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Fig. 1

From: Essential functions linked with structural disorder in organisms of minimal genome

Fig. 1

Conserved disorder in chaperones and hub proteins of minimal organisms. Domain maps, structures, sequence and disorder conservation are depicted for the three proteins (GroEL (a) DnaK (b) and SSB (c)) with conserved long disordered regions. On the grey domain maps, the residue boundaries of conserved disordered segments (in red) and known domains (in darker grey) are provided. The red regions of the domain maps complemented by a few residue positions around are also highlighted as Clustal Omega 1.2.2. multiple sequence alignments below the domain maps. The sequences of the minimal and reference organisms are identified by their Taxonomy/UniProt identifiers, and are depicted in the same order as in TableĀ 1. In the alignments the background of the residues are colored according to the corresponding IUPred predictions; residues with a score >0.5 in darker red, while residues with a score between 0.5 and 0.4 in lighter red. The structures of the corresponding E. coli proteins (PDB: 2NWC for GroEL, 2KHO for DnaK and 1QVC for SSB) are also depicted in light grey with the conserved disordered segments marked by red or added as red dashed lines. In the heptameric GroEL and tetrameric SSB structures one chain is depicted by darker grey than the others

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