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Fig. 5

From: Cpf1 nucleases demonstrate robust activity to induce DNA modification by exploiting homology directed repair pathways in mammalian cells

Fig. 5

As- and LbCpf1 induced HDR at different genomic cleavage sites. Percentages of GFP fluorescent cells after HDR mediated integration of a promoterless donor GFP cassette. The efficiencies of both As- and LbCpf1 nucleases (orange and blue, respectively) to induce HDR mediated integration were tested on four mouse PrP genomic targets (PRNP 1-4, same targets as present on Fig. 3a). The nuclease vector and the homologous recombination donor molecule were cotransfected into N2a cells. As negative control, cells were transfected with the donor molecule and an inactive SpCas9 expression plasmid. On the seventh day after transfection GFP positive cells were counted. Three parallel transfections were made for each sample. Two days after transfection all of the samples showed similar GFP positive cell counts. Both Cpf1 nucleases mediated homology directed integration of the donor cassette in N2a cells

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