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Fig. 8

From: The role of cell location and spatial gradients in the evolutionary dynamics of colon and intestinal crypts

Fig. 8

The optimal division pattern when the evolutionary optimization function is \(F^{evol}=P_{2hit}^{gen}(T)\) for a murine intestinal crypt. The probability of 2-hit mutant generation is plotted for different probabilities of symmetric division, σ, for different division probability distribution functions. We connect the results of simulations by dotted lines for each division probability function. The parameters are T=2000, u 1=0.005, u 2=0.005, n=26. The total number of cells in this simulation is 312 (i.e. 6 two-rows), which is roughly the number of cells in a murine crypt. The lines Exp. 1 and Exp. 2 correspond to the division probability function that we obtained from experimental data in [33]

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