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Fig. 5

From: The role of cell location and spatial gradients in the evolutionary dynamics of colon and intestinal crypts

Fig. 5

Probability of 2-hit mutant generation \(P_{2 hit}^{gen}(T)\) at least in one location. Circles and squares are respectively results of the simulations for asymmetric (circles, dotted lines) and symmetric (squares, dashed lines) division for each division probability function. a \(P_{2 hit}^{gen}(T)\) as the total number of cells in the crypt n is varied. Other parameters are T=100n, u 1=0.0005, u 2=0.002. b \(P_{2 hit}^{gen}(T)\) as the second hit mutation rate u 2 is varied. Other parameters are t=1000n, u 1=0.0005, σ=0.5, and n=26

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