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Table 1 Proteins of anaerobic metabolism in cultivated and uncultivated α proteobacteria

From: Alpha proteobacterial ancestry of the [Fe-Fe]-hydrogenases in anaerobic eukaryotes

  Accession number of indicated proteins
Taxonomic group Clostridiales α proteobacteria Eukaryotes
Genome full genome full genome full genome full genome metagenome metagenome metagenome assembly, refined full genome full genome
Organism Eubacterium acidaminophilum Pleomorphomonas oryzae Phaeospirillum molischianum Pararhodospirillum photometricum Azospirillum CAG:260 Azospirillum CAG:239 Acetobacter MGS:igc0867 a , formerly CAG:977 Entamoeba invadens Trichomonas vaginalis
 Fdsγ/NuoE-like CAC39229, HymA WP_051228661 CCG42368, HoxS WP_041793924, HoxS ? CDB53275 MH0030_GL0011535, CCZ22624 absent AAV65813
 Fdsβ/NuoF-like CAC39230, HymB WP_026791755 ? CDB53276 MH0276_GL0125578,CCZ22625 absent AAV65812
Fdsα/NuoG-like, type M3 [FeFe]-hydrogenase CAC39231, HymC WP_026791754, WP_036838588 CCG42367, CCG40656 WP_051013609 ? CDB53277 MH0030_GL0047537, CCZ22626 M2 derivatives M2 & M3 derivatives
type A [FeFe]-hydrogenase AHM56319 absent absent absent CDB39301 CDB53824 MH0143_GL0097789, CCZ21919 Yes, 5 absent
HydE maturase WP_025434761 WP_051228492 WP_002729849 WP_041796462 CDB39229 CDB54134 MH0030_GL0015854, CCZ22110 absent Yes, ≥ 2
HydF maturase WP_025434763 WP_026790854 WP_002729850 WP_041793928 CDB40806 CDB53483 MH0030_GL0007678, CCZ21461 absent Yes, ≥ 2
 HydG maturase WP_025434762 WP_026790852 WP_002729851 WP_041793926 CDB40807 CDB54364 MH0030_GL0045387, CCZ22171 absent Yes, ≥ 2
 PFO reductase AHM55439 WP_036840581 CCG40004 CCG09362 CDB40895 ? MH0143_GL0088070, CCZ21865 Yes, ≥ 5 Yes, ≥ 1
 Short ferredoxin WP_025436274 WP_026790610. CCG39997 CCG06940 CDB40908 CDB53367 MH0030_GL0000056, CCZ22365 Yes, ≥ 2 Yes, ≥ 3
  1. aupdated Meta Genomic Species with current CCZ accession number of formerly CAG:977
  2. ?not present in currently incomplete genome