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Fig. 1

From: Alpha proteobacterial ancestry of the [Fe-Fe]-hydrogenases in anaerobic eukaryotes

Fig. 1

a The modular structure of various types of [FeFe]-hydrogenase is represented by different graphical symbols of the various domains labelled according to the CDD classification [50]. Cluster N5, which has a histidine ligand [31], is coloured in red to distinguish it from standard 4Fe4S clusters. The cartoon follows the nomenclature of Meyer [12] except for type A hydrogenase, which includes previous type M3a [12] and 6/8C subtypes [15]. The colour intensity of the Small Subunit (SSU) domain at the C-terminus [41] reflects the degree of conservation (Evalue) of the recognised domain [50]. b The N-terminal parts of various of various [FeFe]-hydrogenases were aligned first by using the COBALT feature of blast searches and then manually refined by giving maximal weight to the conservation of cysteine residues that could ligate FeS clusters [32]. The cysteine motifs binding FeS clusters are highlighted in yellow. The δ proteobacterium Desulfotalea is in light blue while α proteobacterial taxa are in bold blue; eukaryotic taxa are in bold

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