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Fig. 2

From: The evolutionary scope and neurological disease linkage of yeast-prion-like proteins in humans

Fig. 2

Yeast-prion-like proteins are statistically enriched in human neurological/neurodegenerative diseases. Enrichments of yeast-prion-like proteins are depicted as flow charts. Four sets are shown: NQPs (counted for the LPS P-value threshold ≤1e-10); predictions by the program PAPA [29]; predictions by the program PLAAC [30] (using yeast background settings); the union of all yeast-prion-like proteins from all three sources. These programs were applied as described in Methods. The fraction of all genes, disease-linked genes, neurologically-linked genes and neurodegeneration-linked genes are listed in the boxes. P values for hypergeometric tests for enrichments are listed (all of the P values are enrichments, no depletions are discovered), relative to the previous set. Cases that might not be significant given a Holm-Bonferroni correction for multiple hypothesis testing are in orange type, otherwise significant cases are in red type. For enrichments in the neurodegenerative set, there are three P-values for comparison to disease-, neurological- and neurodegenerative-linked sets as background populations

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