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Fig. 1

From: The evolutionary scope and neurological disease linkage of yeast-prion-like proteins in humans

Fig. 1

Human yeast-prion-like proteins have limited conservation outside of deuterostomes. The first colour scale (ranging from magenta to cyan) indicates the percentage of N/Q-rich proteins (as determined using the LPS program, see Methods). The second colour scale (from green to red) indicates a weighted ratio that shows the degree of conservation of the human yeast-prion-like proteins. The legends for the colour scales are on the bottom of the figure. The formula for the weighted ratio is as follows: \( \frac{\left(\mathrm{column}\kern0.49em 8\ /\ \mathrm{column}\ 7\right)\times 100}{\left(1.2/\mathrm{column}\ 1\ \mathrm{percentage}\right)} \). The columns are those from Table 1. The value 1.2 is the percentage of NQPs in the human proteome

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