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Fig. 1

From: Computational recognition and analysis of hitherto uncharacterized nucleotide cyclase-like proteins in bacteria

Fig. 1

Inferences on functional residues in mycobacterial proteins. A multiple sequence alignment of 20 mycobacterial proteins of unknown structure and function with cyclase domain of Rv1264 was pursued (PDB code- 1Y10:A) using PROMALS3D. The alignment is rendered using ESPript (v.3.0) [34]. Only those aligned regions are shown which represent conservation of key functional residues. The secondary structural content and residue numbers have been extracted from Rv1264; α-helices are depicted as squiggles, β-strands as arrows and β-turns as tt letters. Columns coloured with red background denote strictly conserved residues (conservation score: 9, on a scale of 0–9 where nine denotes strict conservation); while the residues rendered as red coloured characters within blue frames depict reasonably well-conserved residues (conservation score: 6–8). The nucleotide cyclase function-conferring residues are tagged with symbols. This figure and Fig. 2 have been rendered in similar fashion

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