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Fig. 1

From: Intrinsic protein disorder in histone lysine methylation

Fig. 1

IUPred profile of four representative HKMTs and CBP. Regions with corresponding PDB structures (red1), SCOP domains (green), conserved predicted binding regions (yellow), known binding regions (orange horizontal lines) and cancer associated SNPs (black diamonds) are indicated. 1List of PDB structures: MLL1: 4gq6_b, 3u88_m, 2mtn_a, 2msr_a, 2j2s_a, 2kyu_a, 3lqh_a, 2agh_c, 2w5y_a; MLL4: 3uvk_b, 3erq_d, 4z4p_a; NSD1: 3ooi_a; DOT1L: 3uvp_a, 2mv7_b; CBP: 1rdt_e, 1lik_a, 2lxt_a, 4n4f_a, 2kje_a

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