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Fig. 1

From: Biochemical and biophysical characterization of cell-free synthesized Rift Valley fever virus nucleoprotein capsids enables in vitro screening to identify novel antivirals

Fig. 1

Glycerol gradient characterization of the CFPS-generated RVFV NPs, collected from different fractions of the sucrose gradients. a Left upper panel: SDS-PAGE analysis of the sucrose gradient fractions of radiolabeled RVFV NP translated in vitro. Right upper panel: western blot analysis of the authentic RVFV NP. Middle panel: SDS-PAGE analysis of glycerol gradients, on which sucrose fraction 1 was analyzed. Lower panel: SDS-PAGE analysis of glycerol gradients on which sucrose fraction 2 was analyzed. b Schematic representation of the two consecutive gradients used for the analysis of the in vitro generated RVFV NP. Note that the upper sucrose gradient fractions generated two distinct peaks on the subsequent glycerol gradient. These peaks are denoted I (middle peak) and II (bottom peak) and represent partial and higher-order assembly structures, respectively (see below)

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