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Fig. 1

From: Nucleic acids delivery methods for genome editing in zygotes and embryos: the old, the new, and the old-new

Fig. 1

Schematic showing various Knoc-kout/Knock-In (KO/KI) and Transgenic (TG) mice generation approaches reviewed in the article. Only the methods that have potential for generating germ-line transmitted offspring are shown (see text for additional methods that may not have germ-line transmission potential). (A) The classical methods that require microinjection are shown in inner circle, [*; the CRISPR system can generate KO/KI models directly through PI and therefore can by-pass the use of ES cells]. (B) The approaches that do not require microinjection are listed in the middle circle (those in the dark gray shaded area do not require ex vivo handling of embryos). (C) The GONAD method that does not require both microinjection- and ex vivo handling- of embryos, is listed in the outer circle

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