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Table 2 Types of modifications available in PEPstrMOD and availability of these modifications in other methods

From: PEPstrMOD: structure prediction of peptides containing natural, non-natural and modified residues

Prediction methods Natural peptides structure prediction Peptide modifications
   N and C terminal L/D Cyclization Non-natural residues covered PTM Availability
PEPstrMOD Y Y Y Y 210a +147b 32c Web-service
PEP-FOLD (2012) Y N N Y N N Web-service
PepLook −2011 Y N Y Y ~19 N N
Narzisi et al. (2010) Y N N N N N N
PEP-FOLD (2009) Y N N N N N Web-service
PepLook −2009 Y N N N N N N
Gps −2008 Y N N N N N N
PEPstr −2007 Y N N N N N Web-service
Geocore −1999 Y N N N N N N
  1. Y: Available
  2. N: Not-Available
  3. alist of non-natural residues from SwissSideChain library
  4. blist of non-natural residues from FFNCAA library
  5. clist of non-natural residues from FFPTM library