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Table 4 Three the most significant disease-related pathways

From: The human disease network in terms of dysfunctional regulatory mechanisms

Pathways AA T2D CKD P-values Included common DCGs
WNT_SIGNALING 0.95 0.74 0.60 0.000954 FOXN1, FZD8, TLE2
BIOCARTA_IGF1MTOR_PATHWAY 0.94 0.76 0.61 0.001591 MTOR, IGF1R
KEGG_PROSTATE_CANCER 0.94 0.79 0.62 0.003438 MTOR, IGF1R, IKBKG, E2F2
  1. Numbers in “AA”, “T2D” and “CKD” columns are the differential coexpression values (dCs) of pathways