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Fig. 4

From: Age-driven modulation of tRNA-derived fragments in Drosophila and their potential targets

Fig. 4

Candidate Seed Regions for tRFs. The numbers of sequence matches in the 3’ UTR regions (a-c) and introns (d-f) are plotted vs window start positions of 7mer windows of (a, d) GlyGCC, (b, e) GlyTCC and (c, f) mt:SerGCT tRFs in Drosophila. Color key for the top row is given in (c), for the bottom row in (f). Expected number of matches is shown in black and average number of matches for all other 7mers with the same nucleotide composition as the given window is shown in blue. The observed number of matches in the D. melanogaster genome is shown in white and in the conserved regions of 12 Drosophila genomes is shown in red

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