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Fig. 4

From: Comparative genomic analysis of the WRKY III gene family in populus, grape, arabidopsis and rice

Fig. 4

Distribution of conserved motifs in the WRKY III family members. All motifs were identified by MEME using the complete amino acid sequences of 57 Populus, grape, Arabidopsis and rice WRKY III proteins documented in Fig. 4. Names of all members among the defined gene clusters and combined P-values are shown on the left side of the figure, and motif sizes are indicated at the bottom of the figure. The positions of zn-finger domains predicted by the SMART tool. Database are indicated by vertical tick marks below each protein model. The different-colored boxes represent different motifs and their position in each WRKY III sequence. The length of protein can be estimated using the scale at the bottom. For details of the motifs see Additional file 1: Table S1

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