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Fig. 4

From: Models of buffering of dosage imbalances in protein complexes

Fig. 4

Potential impact of buffering of a deletion of an allele encoding a monomer of a heterodimeric transcription factor AB. Upper panel: Schematic representation of a target promoter with 4 binding sites for AB. Lower panel: Graph of the transcriptional response (TR) as a function of the concentration of AB. The “unbuffered situation” was conveniently chosen to elicit a TR = 0.5. The effect of buffering (57 % of AB instead of 50 %) leads to TR = 0.64 when n = 4 and 0.76 when n = 8. Thanks to the strong nonlinearity of the sigmoid, the 7 % of buffering is amplified at the level of TR. The following formula allows the calculation of TR in buffered conditions when the nonbuffered situation elicits a TRunbuffured. \( \sqrt[n]{\frac{TRbuffered}{1- TRbuffered}\frac{1- TRunbuffered}{TRunbuffered}}=\frac{\% buffering}{50\%} \)

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