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Table 1 Parameters of the model – ranges and defaults

From: In silico ribozyme evolution in a metabolically coupled RNA population

Parameter Value (boldface: default)
grid size (G×G) 300x300
number of replicator diffusion steps (D) ¼ … 4 (4)
size of metabolic neighbourhood (h) 3×3,5×5,7×7 (Moore-type)
size of replication neighbourhood (r) 5 (von Neumann type)
number of different types of enzymes 3
maximum length of replicators (L) 70
claim of a site to remain empty, relative to the theoretical maximum of the sum of claims for an empty site (ε) 0.1
constant in Boltzann-distribution (c) 0.3
per base rate of substitution (p sub) 0.01
per base rate of deletion (p del) 0.001
per base rate of insertion (p ins) 0.001
scaling factor of replicability (g) 10
penalty factor of promiscuity (σ) 1.1
prefactor of (1-p fold) in replicability (l) 1
replication time (initiation) b 1 1
elongation “length penalty” per base b 2 0.001…0.5 (0.05)