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Table 4 Preferred and avoided amino acid-nucleotide pairs in different organisms

From: Structure based approach for understanding organism specific recognition of protein-RNA complexes

Organism Prefered Avoided
E. coli Gly-C, Ala-C, Ser-C, Tyr-C, Asn-C, Leu-C Tyr-A, Phe-C, Met-C, Pro-U, Thr-U, Gln-U
H. sapiens Val-A, Cys-A, Trp-G, His-U Glu-A, Asn-G, Lys-G, Phe-C, Ser-c, Thr-C, Asp-C, Val-U, Leu-U, Ser-U
S. cerevisiae Tyr-A, Gln-A, Met-G, Phe-C, Met-C, Thr-C, Phe-U Leu-A, Gly-G, Arg-G
Thermophiles Val-C, Leu-C, Ile-C, Trp-C, Trp-U Ala-A, Val-A, Gln-A, Asp-G, Phe-C, Met-C, Ser-C, Ala-U, Phe-U, Ser-U, Asn-U, Asp-U
Archaea Trp-A, Lys-A, Ala-G, Val-G, Ile-G, Pro-C, Ile-U, Met-U, Ser-U, Cys-U, Glu-U Leu-A, Phe-A, Gln-G, Ala-C, Leu-C, Ile-C, Met-C, Thr-C, Tyr-C, Asn-C, Phe-U