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Table 3 Conserved residues between human and yeast orthologs at and around the active site

From: A framework for application of metabolic modeling in yeast to predict the effects of nsSNV in human orthologs

UniProtKB Yeast AC Human active site Yeast active site Conservation block
P13716 P05373 221 R 232 R GDR + CYQLPP
P22830 P16622 383 D 361 D +ADLV
P48637 Q08220 125 R 128 R RSDY+
P49247 Q12189 160 D 107 D DGADEVD
Q96GX9 P47095 47 G 39 G TGTGGGIS + K
Q9Y2Z4 P48527 243 G 261 G +Q + GG + DQ