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Table 1 Human proteins with active site nsSNV and their yeast ortholog match

From: A framework for application of metabolic modeling in yeast to predict the effects of nsSNV in human orthologs

Human protein Yeast ortholog Human protein Yeast ortholog Human protein Yeast ortholog
Q9GZR2 Q08237 Q9P2J9 Q12511 Q15067 P13711
P49247 Q12189 Q9BZP6 Q06350 Q96S44 P53323
Q9UBZ4 P38207 O60825 P32604 O95154 P42884
Q14410 P32190 O15305 P07283 P78368 P23292
P51659 Q02207 Q9UNI6 Q02256 Q6PI48 P15179
P20618 P23724 Q96RR4 P43637 Q13164 Q00772
Q96T52 P46972 Q9NUW8 P38319 P06744 P12709
P08397 P28789 P00480 P05150 P11498 P32327
P04424 P04076 Q6IA69 P38795 P05186 P11491
P40818 P32571 Q04760 P50107 Q8TF76 P32789
Q8IWW8 P10127 P36873 P32598 P29120 P13134
P37268 P29704 Q9P2K8 P15442 Q8IWX5 P23501
Q96G46 Q06053 Q96GX9 P47095 Q96DP5 P32785
P48637 Q08220 Q13332 P25044 Q9Y3E5 P34222
P09467 P09201 P12955 P43590 P25789 P23638
Q9UGM6 P04803 P06132 P32347 P60484 P53916
P78549 P31378 O75191 P42826 P49917 Q08387
O96017 P39009 Q9H3S4 P35202 P32320 Q06549
Q7L3T8 P39965 P06737 P06738 Q9NSY1 P53974
Q9NYY3 P32562 Q13907 P15496 O60942 Q01159
O43426 P50942 P49841 P38615 Q9UGP5 P25615
O95363 P08425 P36871 P37012 Q9BUP3 P40008
P34949 P29952 Q9UBZ9 P12689 P54098 P15801
Q7L211 P42840 Q9HBY8 P12688 Q9UJM8 P00175
P07741 P49435 P07902 P08431 Q8WUX2 P32656
P13716 P05373 Q9Y2L1 Q08162 Q14249 P08466
P48449 P38604 Q96C11 Q04585 Q5VTY9 Q08929
P49336 P39073 O14818 P40303 Q86YJ6 P16120
Q8IZ73 Q12362 O00743 P20604 P12081 P07263
Q69YN2 P53255 Q5T2R2 P18900 Q9UQB9 P38991
Q99447 P33412 P04180 P40345 O14734 P41903
P30793 P51601 Q9Y3Q0 P47161 P14550 P14065
Q9BV23 P53750 O43175 P40054 P08243 P49090
P56937 Q12452 P22830 P16622 Q86V88 P40081
Q16769 P43599 O95336 P38858 Q8IXB1 P40564
Q15386 P53119 Q969P6 P04786 Q9Y3B8 P54964
Q9Y2H1 P53894 Q9Y2Z4 P48527 P00813 P53909
Q9UI42 P38836 Q9Y6R4 P53599   
  1. This table lists the pool of 113 reciprocal best match human-yeast ortholog pairs, a subset from the original 559 proteins with active site nsSNV.