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Figure 4

From: A new rhesus macaque assembly and annotation for next-generation sequencing analyses

Figure 4

mRNA expression validation. We sequenced RNA from 60 rhesus macaque PBMC samples of differing ranks using Illumina paired end sequencing. After filtering, we mapped reads to either the MacaM (green symbols) or rheMac2 (blue symbols) assemblies using the STAR algorithm; we used CUFFLINKS to assign transcripts and determine differentially expressed genes (DEGs). (A) Number of uniquely mapping reads in individual RNA samples mapped using the MacaM and rheMac2 assemblies. Individual samples mapped by either assembly are joined by lines. (B) Percentage of total filtered reads that uniquely mapped to each assembly. (C) Number of DEGs that were identified using CUFFDIFF2.1 for dominant animals at two time points using the MacaM and rheMac2 genomes.

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