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Figure 3

From: A new rhesus macaque assembly and annotation for next-generation sequencing analyses

Figure 3

Alignment of rhesus macaque SHE proteins from different annotations with human protein. Human SHE protein accession: NP_001010846.1. MacaM: Protein derived from the MacaM rhesus macaque genome. rheMac2_N: Protein obtained from the NCBI annotation of rheMac2, accession. rheMac2_E: Protein obtained from the Ensembl annotation of rheMac2, accession ENSMMUT00000032345. CR_1.0: Protein obtained from the Chinese rhesus macaque genome produced by BGI [8]. Yellow highlighting indicates identical sequence in human and alternative rhesus macaque annotations with the exception of sequences that are only shared in rheMac2_E and CR_1.0 which are indicated by green highlighting. Exon boundaries are indicated by line separating amino acids.

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