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Table 1 Summary of data used (See Additional file 3 : Table S1 and Additional file 4 : Table S2 for whole dataset)

From: Faster evolving Drosophilaparalogs lose expression rate and ubiquity and accumulate more non-synonymous SNPs

Dataset Number of gene families Number of duplications Number of pairs of paralogs
Whole phylogeny 1470 1726 3398
D. melanogaster Total 175 175 314
Has expression data 162 162 276
Has SNP data    
  (>2 SNPs per gene) 141 141 239
  1. The number of paralog pairs is higher than the number of duplications because of nested duplications (only the outermost, i.e., oldest duplication was included in the analysis, but substitution rates observed for all nested paralogs were averaged to obtain the mean estimate).