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Figure 5

From: Faster evolving Drosophilaparalogs lose expression rate and ubiquity and accumulate more non-synonymous SNPs

Figure 5

Coefficient of correlation over 26 larval and adult tissues (A) and signed difference of mean gene expression (B, black circles), expression CV (B, open circles) and SNPs K a /K s (C) ratio in pairs of paralogs for which D. melanogaster expression data are available[39], plotted against logarithm of K a asymmetry in the same pair (binned by 0.5 of a log 10 unit). Asymmetry is directionalized so that negative values correspond to the faster evolving paralog having lower mean expression level or lower evenness of expression. Vertical bars are standard errors. Regression coefficients (R) and significance levels for regression lines (linear regression on Ka asymmetry, both dependent and independent variables log-transformed, fitted for data points in which Z2 >1) are: A – R = −0.226; P < 1.20E-06; B - mean gene expression asymmetry: R = −0.442; P < 1.4E-08, gene expression evenness asymmetry: R = 0.356; P < 0.03; P < 0.004; C – R = 0.073; P < 0.002.

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