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Figure 1

From: Invariance and optimality in the regulation of an enzyme

Figure 1

Results from the β-galactosidase enzymatic assay, aimed at testing the metabolic equivalence of different enzyme trajectories. Red lines correspond to the constant enzyme experiment, blue lines correspond to the enzyme step-function experiment. The main figure shows the level of fluorescence due to the concentration of reaction product, while the inset shows the enzyme profiles for the two experiments. Black lines correspond to high and low enzyme controls (see Materials and Methods). Note that there are no measurements between 125 and 175 seconds for the step-function experiment because samples were removed from the fluorimeter (arrow A, 130 sec) so that they could be injected with additional enzyme (arrow B, 150 sec) and re-inserted in the fluorimeter (arrow C, ~170 sec) after mixing. A t-test (t-value = 0.225, p-value = 0.811) confirmed that there was no statistically significant difference between the fluorescence of the two experimental conditions at 300 seconds.

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