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Table 4 Frequency of best motifs discovered using MERCI software in IFN-γ epitopes and Rest of cytokine inducing epitopes from IFNgOnly dataset

From: Designing of interferon-gamma inducing MHC class-II binders

Class of Motifs Found in IFN Epitopes Frequency Found in Rest-epitopes Frequency
None F-QP-Q 42 ANKIR 17
Koolman-Rohm R[basic]-R-[aliphatic] [neutral] 51 [neutral]K[aliphatic]RE 17
Betts-Russell (Hydorphobic) YR[aliphatic] 63 [hydrophobic]-N[hydrophobic][small]K-[R] 29
Betts-Russell (Polar) [polar]-YR[aliphatic] 53 [polar]-N[hydrophobic] [small]K-R 28
Betts-Russell (Small) small-YR[aliphatic] 54 PN[hydrophobic][small]-[positive]-[polar] 32
  1. Negative sign (−) = represents the gaps at that position.