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Figure 2

From: How protein targeting to primary plastids via the endomembrane system could have evolved? A new hypothesis based on phylogenetic studies

Figure 2

The Bayesian tree for α-amylases obtained in PhyloBayes under the LG + Γ(5) model. Sequence in which more than 50% algorithms recognized SP are indicated in bold. Numbers at nodes, in the presented order, correspond respectively to posterior probabilities estimated in PhyloBayes for LG + Γ(5) model (PP-LG) and CAT + Γ(5) model (PP-CAT), as well as support values resulting from bootstrap analysis in PhyMl (B-Ph) and TreeFinder (B-TF). Values of the posterior probabilities and bootstrap percentages lower than 0.5 and 50% were omitted or indicated by a dash “-“. All bacterial sequences, apart from cyanobacterial ones, are in white background.

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