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Figure 3

From: The mechanistic and evolutionary aspects of the 2′- and 3′-OH paradigm in biosynthetic machinery

Figure 3

Superposition of crystal structures for two class I and class II aaRSs complexed with tRNAs, on that of EF-Tu and tRNA. (a) Overlay of class I CysRS and EF-Tu with their tRNAs (CysRS in green, PDB Code-1V0B; EF-Tu in red, PDB Code 1B23; tRNAs in orange). (b) Overlay of class II SepRS (PDB Code: 2DU3) and EF-Tu complexed with their tRNAs (SepRS in blue; EF-TU in red; tRNAs in orange). In view of the fact that the structural folds of tRNAs in all complexes are similar in appearance, the models were generated by superposition of the respective tRNA molecules.

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