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Figure 6

From: Genome-wide analysis reveals downregulation of miR-379/miR-656 cluster in human cancers

Figure 6

C14 miRNAs are downregulated in other human cancers. For each cancer type the total miRNA expression and the number of miRNAs downregulated are shown both for the C14 cluster and the entire miRnome. On the Y-axis the different numbers has been normalized to 100%. The fraction marked in green demarcates the proportion of miRNAs downregulated (significant after Bonferroni correction) against all miRNAs tested (in grey). As depicted in the figure for all the cancer types (albeit less for OV) the proportion of downregulated miRNAs from C14 is much higher than that from the miRnome (green bars). The detailed data and analysis is in Additional file 6. GBM, Gliobalstoma Multiforme; OV, ovarian serous cystadenocarcinoma; BRCA, Breast invasive carcinoma and KIRC, Kidney renal clear cell carcinoma.

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