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Figure 3

From: Genome-wide analysis reveals downregulation of miR-379/miR-656 cluster in human cancers

Figure 3

Real-time PCR validation of C14 downregulation in GBM. A) The heat map shows the fold changes (calculated by ΔΔCt method) of the respective miRs of C14 in 3 GBM cases with respect to the controls. Fold change <= 0.6 is taken as down-regulation (green) and >=2 is taken as upregulation (red), whereas, the intermediate values are considered to have non-differential expression (yellow) between the samples. As depicted for all the three GBM samples, 79% (34/43) of C14 miRNAs were found to be >40% downregulated in GBM. B) The box plots show the median distribution of ΔCt values of the C14 miRs in each of the sample. The GBM samples show distinctive lower median value as compared to the controls. The jitter-plot shows the total data distribution (ΔCt) in each sample.

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