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Figure 2

From: Genome-wide analysis reveals downregulation of miR-379/miR-656 cluster in human cancers

Figure 2

Downregulation of C14 miRNA cluster in GBM. On the Y-axis the difference of the median normalized expression levels between GBM and controls (Median_GBM – Median_Control) are plotted for each miRNA (X-axis). Negative values indicate lower expression in GBM. The miRNAs from left to right are, MiR-379, 411, 299-3p, 299-5p, 380-3p, 380-5p, 323, 758, 329, 494, 495, 376a, 376a*, 654, 376b, 381, 487b, 539, 544, 655, 487a, 382, 134, 668, 485-3p, 485-5p, 453 (323b), 154, 154*, 496, 377, 409-3p, 409-5p, 412, 369-3p, 369-5p, 410 and 656. Green bars indicate significant downregulation in GBM after genome-wide Bonferroni correction (miR names are in bold above). Grey bars indicate expression changes that are not significant post correction. The normalized data were obtained from the TCGA server. Mann-Whitney U test was applied to analyze differential expression. A p value less than 0.05 (post correction) is considered significant. As seen in the figure for the entire cluster (on the horizontal axis) the miRNAs were significantly downregulated in GBM pointing to a coordinated situation.

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