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Figure 1

From: AID/APOBEC cytosine deaminase induces genome-wide kataegis

Figure 1

Improbable hotspots of mutagenesis induced by PmCDA1 in yeast genomes. A. Genome-wide distributions of mutation (also called single nucleotide variants, SNVs) frequencies in PmCDA1 (red) and HAP (blue) induced mutants. SNV frequencies across the entire genome are shown. Negative values (i.e., bars below the X axis) indicate regions of the genome excluded from analysis (mostly repetitive regions). B. Distribution of 1 Kb windows with the indicated number of SNVs for PmCDA1 (red bars) and HAP (blue bars), log scale. C. Same as B, but using a linear scale, and where values >5 are shown. D. Multiple alignment of the DNA sequences of the hypermutable region on chromosome X from different mutant clones: LAN210-L1 – LAN210-L2 – clones used for genomic sequencing; PmCDA1-cl1 – PmCDA1-cl4 – independent mutants with this region sequenced by the Sanger method; AID_cl2 and AID_cl8 – AID-induced mutants that were found to contain mutations in this region. Homozygous G->A substitutions are red; heterozygous G->A substitutions are blue Rs; heterozygous C->T substitutions are green Ys.

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