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Figure 2

From: Comparative genomic analysis of the DUF71/COG2102 family predicts roles in diphthamide biosynthesis and B12 salvage

Figure 2

Comparative genomic analysis of the DUF71 family. (A) Distribution of the core diphthamide genes Dph2 and Dph5 and of EF-2 and DUF71 in Archaea, according to data derived from the “Diphthamide biosynthesis“ subsystem in the SEED database. The tree is a species tree constructed in iTol ( The presence and absence of the specific genes was derived from the “Diphthamide biosynthesis“ subsystem. (B) Physical clustering of DUF71/COG2102 genes with Dph5 in three Methanosarcina genomes derived from the MicrobesOnline database ( (C) Examples of proteins containing domains fused to DUF71 in Archaea and Eucarya. Accession numbers and COG, CDD, or Pfam domain numbers are given in parentheses.

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