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Figure 5

From: A novel virus genome discovered in an extreme environment suggests recombination between unrelated groups of RNA and DNA viruses

Figure 5

BLASTp data for capsid protein (CP) amino acid sequences. The BSL RDHV CP ORF amino acid sequence was compared to related CP sequences using BLASTp. Output parameters are shown. Virus family designations are indicated when possible. (GOS) Global Ocean Survey paired-end read sequences 10665 and 6800. (SmV-A) Sclerophthora macrospora Virus-A, (PhV-A) Plasmopara halstedii Virus-A. (HaRV) Havel River Tombusvirus, (TBSV) Tomato Bushy Stunt Virus, (OCSV) Oat Chlorotic Stunt Virus, (MNSV) Melon Necrotic Spot Virus, (SgCV) Saguaro Cactus Virus, (TCV) Turnip Crinkle Virus, (CMtV) Carnation Mottle Virus, (RCNMV) Red Clover Necrotic Mosaic Virus, (CRSV) Carnation Ringspot Virus, (STNV) Satellite of Tobacco Necrosis Virus, (SV-MWLMV) Satellite Virus of Maize White Line Mosaic Virus, (SCSV) Subterranean Clover Stunt Virus, (BBTV) Banana Bunchy Top Virus, (HrCTV) Horseradish Curly Top Virus, (PCV2) Porcine Circovirus-2, (StCV) Starling Circovirus, (DfCyV) Dragonfly Cyclovirus.

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