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Table 2 Nominal values of the parameters for the two-phenotype model, Eqs.(3)-(5), in two dimensions.

From: Accurate state estimation from uncertain data and models: an application of data assimilation to mathematical models of human brain tumors

Parameter Meaning value
α maximum glioma growth rate 0.025 day-1
T max glioma carrying capacity 10 000 cells mm-2
α W maximum ECM recovery rate 0.01 day-1
ρ maximum ECM remodeling rate 0.02 day-1
θ W cell density at half-maximum ECM degradation 100 cells mm-2
Parameter Meaning White Matter White Matter CSF
D G (x) growing cell diffusion rate (mm2 day-1) 0.002 0.0004 0.001
D M (x) migrating cell diffusion rate (mm2 day-1) 0.10 0.02 0.001
χ(x) haptotaxis coefficient (mm-1) 0.25 0.05 0