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Table 4 Distribution of TFBS in pre-miRs and their flanking regions.

From: Transcription factor binding sites are highly enriched within microRNA precursor sequences

  pre-miRs with TFBS in flanking pre-miRs without TFBS in flanking
pre-miRs containing TFBS 22 96
pre-miRs lacking TFBS 42 540
  1. For a given pre-miR, its flanking region was defined as comprising the region upstream (distance equal to the pre-miR) and downstream (distance equal to the pre-miR). Given that a pre-miR contains one or more TFBS, it is more likely to have TFBS in its flanking regions as well. Conversely, TFBS were also more common in flanking regions of pre-miRs that contained TFBS (χ2 = 15.423, p = 0.00008).