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Table 1 Function of milk proteins

From: Shift in the isoelectric-point of milk proteins as a consequence of adaptive divergence between the milks of mammalian species

Protein Role Milk fraction
α-S1-casein, β-caseinm and κ-casein ~80% of bovine and 20-45% of human milk protein. Phosphoprotein carriers of minerals and trace elements. Casein micelles
α-lactalbumin Calcium and other carrier, lactose synthesis [26] Whey
Lactoferrin Iron and other metal binding [27], antimicrobial, antiviral [28], antioxidative, cell growth regulator Whey
Lactadherin Also known as Milk Fat globule factor 8 (Mfge8); bactericidal and apoptotic properties [29]. Milk fat globule; digestion resistant
Mucin 1 Modulates bacterial adhesion [29] Milk fat globule; digestion resistant
Xanthine oxidase/dehydrogenase Fat globule secretion [30] Innate immunity/oxidation [31] Milk fat globule
Butyrophilin ~40% of protein in Milk Fat Globule Membrane; fat globule secretion [29] Milk fat globule; rapidly degraded