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Table 4 Crp family-specific PF00325 domains located close to C-termini of Ycf28 proteins in rhodophyte chloroplasts

From: Modeling RNA polymerase competition: the effect of σ-subunit knockout and heat shock on gene transcription level

Sequence E Begin Domain End
The domains consensus    LpmsLRqeIAdylGlTrETVsRlLtrLrekgLI  
Cyanidioschyzon merolae 0.9 114 WRLS-QASLARILGTSRAAIGQVLGDWKKQAWL 145
Cyanidium caldarium 0.00019 157 IYIS-QHDIASILSTTRSTITRLINQLRKDNII 188
Porphyra purpurea 0.00052 184 LTIT-HKVLAQIIGSNRVSITRIISKLIHTKFI 215
Porphyra yezoensis 0.0021 184 FTIT-HKILAQIIGSNRVSVTRILANLLKTKLI 215
Gracilaria tenuistipitata > 1    
  1. In rows, the Crp consensus is followed by the list of rhodophyte species with available chloroplast genomes. Individual domains are aligned against their consensus computed with Crp protein data from the Pfam database. The domain positions are relative to the protein N-terminus. E-values are shown for pair-wise alignments, the region with e-value > 1 is omitted.