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Table 1 Model parameters (except binding intensities) used to obtain results in Tables 2-3

From: Modeling RNA polymerase competition: the effect of σ-subunit knockout and heat shock on gene transcription level

Description Parameter, condition
Core-enzyme position on DNA [-15, +20] nt
Holoenzyme position on DNA [-44, +20] nt
Phage-type RNA polymerase position on DNA [-15, +4] nt
PEP elongation rate 9.2 nt/s at 21°C
  12.1 nt/s at 23°C
  15.0 nt/s at 25°C
  36.8 nt/s at 40°C
NEP elongation rate 45 nt/s at 23°C
Average duration of the abortive process 0.4 s
Average length of abortive RNA 4 nt
Modeled real time (Loci 1, 3) 24 hr
Duration of the heat shock (Locus 2) 1.5 hr
Aftershock time (Locus 2) 0.25 hr
  1. Positions are given relative to the transcription initiation site.