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Figure 3

From: ConReg-R: Extrapolative recalibration of the empirical distribution of p-values to improve false discovery rate estimates

Figure 3

The procedural steps for the independent and dependent datasets at π 0 = 0.7 and π 0 = 0.9. The plots in first row show the and at different k/n. The blue curve indicates and the black curve indicates , the red horizontal line indicates the cutoff of (here we used 0.05), the red vertical line indicates the choice of k/n at which locally minimized under < 0.05 is obtained. The plots in second row show the regression procedure. The black thick curve indicates the , i = 1, ..., k and the blue curve is the regression line h k (.), and the red curve is the regression line f (.) after transformation. The plots in third and fourth row show the p-value histograms before and after applying ConReg-R and the gray horizontal line indicates the π0. The plots in last row show the FDR estimation errors between real FDR and the FDR estimated by p-values before (black) and after applying ConReg-R (red).

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