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Table 6 Summary of data that supports bacilli ancestry for archaea.

From: The origin of a derived superkingdom: how a gram-positive bacterium crossed the desert to become an archaeon

Trait Supports Bacilli as ancestor of Neomura Supports Bacilli as ancestor of the Archaea Exclusive to Bacilli among Bacteria
Ribosomal S12 insert Yes Yes Might be also be in Chloroflexi
Geranylgeranylglyceryl Phosphatase No Yes Also in Bacteroides
Mevanolate pathway Yes Yes In a few other bacterial genomes
Ancestors of n-linked glycoprotein Yes Yes Closest hits to eukaryote genes are all from Bacilli
PyrD 1B No Yes In Firmicutes and some Thermotogae
Two L7AE paralogs Yes Yes Exclusive to Firmicutes
RecU Yes Yes Exclusive to Firmicutes
  1. The bacilli are more similar to archaea in terms of DNA repair, ribosome structure, and lipid metabolism than any other group of bacteria.