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Table 2 Functional enrichment of fast-evolving and slow-evolving genes in primates.

From: Nonsynonymous substitution rate (Ka) is a relatively consistent parameter for defining fast-evolving and slow-evolving protein-coding genes

Fast-evolving genes
ID Category Name chimp orangutan macaque
BP00183 Chemosensory perception * *  
BP00184 Olfaction * *  
MF00002 G-protein coupled receptor *   
BP00182 Sensory perception *   
BP00281 Oncogenesis *   
BP00283 Other oncogenesis *   
MF00175 Major histocompatibility complex antigen *   
MF00198 Structural protein *   
MF00256 Intermediate filament *   
BP00124 Cell adhesion    *
Slow-evolving genes
BP00114 MAPKKK cascade *   
MF00001 Receptor *   
MF00113 Phosphatase *   
BP00029 Lipid and fatty acid binding *   
BP00134 Mitochondrial transport   *  
MF00188 Select calcium binding protein   *  
MF00218 Calmodulin related protein   *  
MF00079 Other chaperones   *  
MF00098 Large G-protein    *
P00052 TGF-beta signaling pathway    *
  1. Note: The asterisks depict functional classifications of genes that are significantly enriched based on Fisher's Exact Test after multiple corrections among primates.