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Table 2 Summary of the distribution and sub-grouping of RB Family, E2F7/8 family and DP family proteins in different organisms

From: The ancient function of RB-E2F Pathway: insights from its evolutionary history

  RB family E2F7/8 Family DP Family
M. brevicollis RB-Mb (gi:167523296|) E2F7/8-Mb (gi|167517423) DP-Mb (gi|167516980)
  RB1 subgroup RBL subgroup     
T. adhaerens RB1-Ta (gi|196012646) RBL-Ta (gi|196011866)    DP-Ta (gi|196015549)
N. vectensis   RBL-Nv (gi|156399369|) E2F7/8-Nv (gi|156344376) DP-Nv (gi|156375187)
C. elegans LIN35-Ce (gi|17508261)      DPL-1-Ce (gi|17532739)
D. melanogaster RBF1-Dm (gi|24638969); RBF2-Dm (gi17737995)    DP-Dm (gi|17136994)
S. purpuratus RB1-Sp (gi|115660767) RBL-SP (gi|115968799)    DP-Ce (gi|72048148)
C. intestinalis   RBL-Ci (gi|198437827) E2F7/8-Ci (gi|198432739) DP-Ci (gi|118343721)
B. floridae RB1-Bf (gi|260800656) RBL-Rf (gi|260834765)    DP-Bf (gi|260816838)
  RB1 RBL1 RBL2 E2F7 E2F8 DP1 DP2
T. nigroviridis ENSTNIT00000014938 ENSTNIT00000009683   ENSTNIT00000007956 ENSTNIT00000000955 ENSTNIT00000017108  
D. rerio gi|118150572 gi|194578849 gi|189537876 gi|169234759 gi|189521060 gi|41152118
X. tropicalis   gi|213982839   ENSXETT00000031323 ENSXETG00000004436 gi|58332126 gi|166158068
G. gallus gi|45383327 gi|118100471 gi|118123617 gi|118082443 gi|118091079 gi|50730508 gi|118095071
R. norvegicus gi|109501744 gi|109469134 gi|13592041 gi|157821575 gi|109462000 gi|71043770 gi|157818883
M. musculus gi|188528630 gi|213417847 gi|170932488 gi|40254337 gi|67972650 gi|6678305 gi|182765448:
B. taurus gi|116004031 gi|119905907 gi|148225699 gi|194666654 gi|194679774 gi|115496726 ENSBTAP00000008169
C. familiaris gi|73989274 gi|73992372 gi|73949852 gi|73978133 gi|73988917 gi|73989562 gi|73990311
H. sapiens gi|108773787 gi|34577079 gi|172072597 gi|145580626 gi|38505226 gi|6005900|
  1. According to the results from Figure 3 and Figure 2, RB family, E2F7/8 family and DP family proteins (accession numbers from genbank or Ensembl Database) identified from M. brevicollis and 16 metazoan organisms were listed. The detail explains could be found in main text.